San Francisco Choral Artists group shot

San Francisco Choral Artists, a chamber choir of the highest quality, fosters new American choral music and presents imaginative and emotionally engaging programming of diverse repertoire, with emphasis on works by living composers.

SFCA has premiered over 240 works and won the Chorus America/ASCAP Award for Adventurous Programming in 2012 and again in 2015, affirming our reputation for eclectic programming and stunning performances.


Our artistic vision is to explore the implications of our mission with programs that offer stimulating and moving choral music—new and old works that entice, reward, inspire, and intellectually challenge listeners and performers.

The fostering of composersliving American and local composersand new choral music is a key element of our DNA. We commission new works by composers we admire, provide a high quality performance forum to help advance the professional careers of composers, and encourage young composers.  Through our Roger Nixon Living Music Initiative, SFCA offers six formal programs to support living composers and the creation of new music:

  • Composers Invitational [since 1995];
  • Composer-in-Residence [since 1999], to commission and showcase local composers;
  • New Voices Project Competition, for American composers under age 30 [since 2005];
  • Composer-Not-In-Residence [since 2010], to commission and showcase diverse musical styles;
  • SFCA+1, to commission new music for chamber choir + one instrument [new 2015];
  • Wild Card Commissions [new 2016], to expand our support of composers whom we admire.

To date, SFCA has hosted 18 Composers-in-Residence, 7 Composers-Not-in-Residence, and 23 New Voices composers under age 30.

We strive to bring our music to a wider community, to educate people about the music, and to bring pleasure to a diverse audience of listeners. We launch new projects, new collaborations, and new ways of using our “voice” to connect with the hearts, minds, and spirits of music lovers, presenting wonderful new works paired with beloved repertoire of the last 700 years.


Each year, we offer 3 subscription concerts sets (occasionally 4 sets), each consisting of 3-4 live performances. Each performance includes musical lectures, and at least one subscription set offers “meet the composer” panels where composers discuss their creative processes. To enrich the diversity of our programs, most seasons include works in at least 8 languages.

All subscription concerts showcase two distinctive and popular features of Artistic Director Dr. Solomon’s programming. First, she places contemporary works within a musical context that assists the audience to truly hear and connect with the works. Context dramatically affects the way a work is perceived, e.g., a Bach chorale sounds old when heard after a Brahms motet but modern after a motet by Victoria, so she frames new works in the context of familiar works and styles. Second, Dr. Solomon provides program notes that draw attention to the structure or texture of the music, pointing out markers that enhance the listeners’ understanding of the program.

While SFCA performs mostly unaccompanied, we cultivate unusual collaborations and have performed with Composers Inc., jazz/classical violinist Mad Tolling, The Alexander String Quartet, the Veretski Pass klezmer/East European instrumental trio, Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, The Whole Noyse wind band, actors, and dancers.

SFCA has been acclaimed as “…amongst the foremost unaccompanied singing groups… on this or any other coast” (, and is sought after for guest appearances and collaborations. Each season, we appear as Guest Artists at public music events in San Francisco and across the Bay Area and beyond. We also also record appealing choral worksincluding SFCA-commissioned works and works by local composersfor commercial distribution.

We actively seek to develop young student composers through outreach with local schools; we have partnered in student-focused concerts with SF Conservatory of Music, SF School of the Arts, Crowden School of Music, UC Berkeley New Music Project, University of the Pacific, and Santa Clara University, and in workshops with the University of San Francisco, among others. SFCA also performed by invitation at the Chorus America Conference in 2011 and at three American Choral Directors Association conventions, touching over 2000 additional students.