Kirke Mechem at 90

SFCA recently took a few moments to catch up with composer Kirke Mechem, whose memoir Believe Your Ears: Life of a Lyric Composer was published in July 2015 by Rowman & Littlefield. Mechem, whose work has been performed by SFCA many times over the years, will be appearing at San Francisco’s BookShop West Portal for

Playing With Friends

Daniel Afonso is the 2015 San Francisco Choral Artists Composer-in-Residence. Writing for the San Francisco Choral Artists is the type of opportunity every composer hopes to have! An ensemble of superior musicality and exceptional technique, the SFCA always amazes me with their ability to take audiences through a kaleidoscopic musical journey that is beautiful, inspiring,

Over a Decade Ago

Over a decade ago, in a desperate attempt to find the Men’s room, I stumbled into Magen Solomon’s auditions for SFCA. Perhaps the immediacy of my necessities sweetened my voice a little or, more likely, the director probably caved to her own distress over the interruption and signed me up, wanting this strange character done

Midsummer Night Singing

Dear Friends of Choral Artists, Much glorious choral music has been written to Shakespeare texts. Hard as it was to choose, the thrill of having the talents of the fine Shakespearean actors Sarah David and Will Brown to enliven and enhance our celebration more than compensated. In lieu of spoken program notes, I am letting

Why Is New Music So Good?

by Benjamin Taylor, SFCA Composer in Residence Let me begin by stating that clearly there is plenty of old music that is good, and plenty that isn’t so good! The same is true of “New Music” as a category: plenty is good, but plenty is bad! When I ask “Why is new music so good?”,

Growing Up with San Francisco Choral Artists

In a way, I grew up with SF Choral Artists. My father, composer Roger Nixon, was a good friend of SFCA’s founder, Ralph Hooper.  I remember attending choral concerts at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco thirty years ago with Hooper conducting – I was a lot younger then.  Later, when Magen Solomon took over as