Josh Horowitz of Veretski Pass on "Lilith The Night Demon"

Lilith The Night Demon – After we had finished our last project, The Klezmer Shul, there were many bits and pieces of compositions that we had left behind, ones that didn’t make the final cut, not because of any lack of quality, but simply because they didn’t fit the format we had developed. There was

The First Listener

  by Benjamin Taylor, SFCA Composer in Residence In my practice as a composer, I have a philosophy that I believe helps me keep my bearings and objectivity, a way to remind myself why I’m making music. I remember the first listener. All music ever heard by human ears has had a premiere performance, but

Color in music: Sweet Voices and Noyses with The Whole Noyse

by Magen Solomon, Artistic Director Pop quiz! 1. Define “curtal,” “gittern,” “cornetto.” 2. Use all three words correctly in a sentence. Incorrect: No, “curtal” is not a sauce for roasted meats… no, “gittern” is not a kind of gigolo…no, “cornetto” is not a corn-based snack food … Correct: “You will shortly be hearing a curtal

Lessons from Motherhood: Loving the Audience

by Kala Pierson, SFCA Composer-Not-in-Residence 2013-14 A parent becomes intensely attuned to her baby’s sounds, both for practical reasons (guessing right about a whimper can stave off screaming) and for more abstract ones (communicating outside traditional language can be pretty amazing). For musicians and non-musicians alike, parenthood will probably be life’s most intensive ear-training lesson.

Tracing the Origins of Sephardic Folk Songs

By Joseph Smeall-Villarroel, tenor This concert (Omens, Dreams & Curses) set features a trio of Sephardic Jewish folk songs. As a chorister who claims both Jewish and Latin-American ancestry, I think it worthwhile to give some background on the intersection of Jewish culture with Spanish / Latin-American culture, which is what brings SFCA the songs entitled