Composers-in- and Not-in-Residence

The Choral Artists perform fine choral music of all periods and cultures. But the ensemble has a special commitment to fostering the choral tradition through the showcasing and commissioning of living composers—both those with recognized, published works and new, emerging choral talent.

SFCA’s Composer-in-Residence (CiR) and Composer-Not-in-Residence (CNiR) Programs recognize and encourage choral composers. The goal of the Composer-in-Residence program is to increase the visibility and support of the many talented and prolific choral composers living in the San Francisco Bay Area whose works the Choral Artists have performed—to the delight of audiences—since the inception of the Choral Artists. The Composer-Not-in-Residence program seeks to expand SFCA’s reach and increase the diversity of the music fostered and performed by the Choral Artists.

Composer-in-Residence, John Kelley

Composer John Kelley

Since 1994, SFCA has presented more than 10 works by Kelley, who sang with the ensemble for 5 years. His choral works and arrangements—which have also been performed by Yale University and many Bay Area choral ensembles such as Clerestory, the Grace Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys, and The Choral Project—are notable for their soaring melodies, lush harmonies, and distinctively American sound.

Composer-Not-in-Residence, Shawn Crouch

Composer Shawn Crouch

Crouch has received recognition from American Academy of Arts & Letters, ASCAP, BMI, Yale Univ., Meet the Composer, and others. His works have been performed and recorded by Chanticleer, Volti SF, Clerestory, Cantori New York, and Cleveland Symphony Chamber Players.Listen to Shawn Crouch’s music

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