Composers-in- and Not-in-Residence

The Choral Artists are committed to fine choral music of all periods and cultures. We have a special commitment to fostering the choral tradition through the support of living composers—both those with recognized, published works and new, emerging choral talent.

Our Composer-in-Residence (CiR) and Composer-Not-in-Residence (CNiR) Programs recognize and encourage choral composers. The goal of our Composer-in-Residence program is to increase the visibility and support of the many talented and prolific choral composers living in the San Francisco Bay Area whose works we have performed—to the delight of our audiences—since the inception of the Choral Artists. Our Composer-Not-in-Residence program seeks to expand our reach and increase the diversity of the music fostered and performed by the Choral Artists.

2015 Composer-in-Residence, Daniel Afonso

Afonso_photo2015 Composer-in-Residence Daniel R. Afonso, Jr.  Afonso’s compositions and arrangements reflect his Afro-Brazilian musical heritage, and are characterized by skillful vocal and rhythmic writing. Director of Vocal and Choral Studies at California State Univ. Stanislaus, he is active as a conductor/educator, and is recognized for his research and performances of Brazilian choral music in Brazil, USA, and Europe.

Dr. Afonso is also a composer, arranger, and editor of choral music and has works published by earthsongs and Alliance Music Publications. He has been recognized for his research and performance of Brazilian choral music and continues to present workshops and lectures about the Latin American choral repertoire.

Dr. Afonso has performed with choral groups in Brazil, U.S., and Europe, and has previously taught music at the Conservatrio Brasileiro de Msica, Universidade do Rio de Janeiro (UNI-Rio), and Doane College, Nebraska. In 1988, he won the first prize and the best performance of Villa-Lobos work award at the Concurso Villa-Lobos de Canto Coral, a national choral competition sponsored by the Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro. Dr. Afonso is strongly committed to the performance of new music and has premiered several choral works in the last few years, including Michael Mitchell€™s I Will Praise the Name of God with a Song (1997), Deborah Kavasch€™s Amor (2001) and Feather on God€™s Breath (2003), John Marvin€™s Ophlie (2003), and most recently, John Hillebrandt’€™s A Clear Midnight (2004). In 2001he was appointed conductor of the Modesto Symphony Orchestra Chorus and has prepared several choral masterworks with the ensemble.

2015 Composer-Not-in-Residence, Wayne Eastwood

weastwood_22015 Composer-Not-in-Residence Wayne Eastwood Coached by Ned Rorem, Eastwood has had significant commissions and performances, including 5 premieres by SFCA with whom he sang for 3 years. His works reflect aspects of his personality — his appreciation for the diversity of the American spirit, love of beauty in poetry and music, and sense of humor.

Eastwood has worked as the Director of Choral Activities for universities in Texas, taught graduate courses in California and Ohio, and spent a term at the University of Łodz, Poland, lecturing on the dangers of American music. He is married to a pastor and lives in an 1885 Victorian held together by paint and inertia.

His music appears regularly in the programs of university choruses and standing choirs across the country. The Philippine-based Ateneo Chamber Singers performed a set of his choral works on their recent world tour, to outstanding reviews and a few screams for diplomatic immunity. His love is more thicker than forget recently won the New York Choral Consortium’s inaugural Sing New York! Festival prize.