Want to hear what 25 years of expanding the choral repertoire sounds like? The 25 Choral Artists showcase 25 favorite works they have premiered in their 25 year history.

You’ll hear about the moon, a cat, birds, feathers, art amid bombs, fireworks, a raincape, and the weather forecast —and revisit Dave Brubeck’s snazzy jazzy Blue Rondo rhythms.

So, will you like this concert? One Choral Artist explains: ”New music doesn’t have to be ’ugly‘ or ’dissonant.‘ Most of our newly-composed music is beautiful by any standard. Some is flat-out funny. And some is, yes, ’dissonant,‘ but often in unexpected and charming ways, e.g., Jerry Mueller’s Fireworks mimics sounds of a fireworks display and the crowd watching it.“

Highlights of the program:

– 12 Bay Area luminaries: Ted Allen, Herb Bielawa, Russel Burnham, Paul Crabtree, Robin Estrada, Tina Harrington, Brian Holmes, John Kelley, Kirke Mechem, Henry Mollicone, Jerry Mueller, and Benjamin Taylor.

– 4 winning works from composers under age 30, all winners of SFCA’s New Voices Project competition.

– 7 world premieres.


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San Francisco

Sun, June 13, 2010; 4 PM

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church
1111 O’Farrell St, San Francisco


Sat, June 19, 2010; 8 PM

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
600 Colorado Ave, Palo Alto

East Bay

Sun, June 20, 2010; 4 PM,

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
114 Montecito Ave, Oakland