Music Among Friends

Music Among Friends celebrates the ties between our chamber ensemble and the lively community of local composers who have generously shared their wonderful music with us. 16 works are by Bay Area composers, 5 are SFCA-commissioned world premieres, and several others have never before been commercially recorded.

With this collection, chosen from live performances, we share the intimacy of our concerts with old and new friends around the world.

Track List

  1. The Dance (World Premiere), Russell Burnham
  2. Salve Regina, David N. Childs
  3. Charm Me Asleep, David Conte
  4. Sonnet 4: O You Tender Ones, Russell Burnham
  5. Iölas’ EpitaphHenry Mollicone
  6. Lie Lightly, Gentle Earth, Paul Chihara
  7. Sound of the Sea (World Premiere), Robert N. Ward
  8. The Marriage, Allen Shearer
  9. When You Are Old, John Kelley
  10. First and Last Kiss (World Premiere), Paul Crabtree
  11. Vita de la mia vita, William Hawley
  12. It Is an Easy Thing, Robert Starer
  13. A Critical SuccessHerbert Bielawa
  14. Loveliest of Trees, Kirke Mechem
  15. Go, Lovely Rose, Halsey Stevens
  16. The Gallant One, Conrad Susa
  17. The Kings of the Deck, Conrad Susa
  18. Landscape, Conrad Susa
  19. O Little Town (World Premiere), Maia Aprahamian
  20. In the Valley, David Düsing, arranger
  21. Awit sa Panginoon, Robin Estrada
  22. The Coventry Carol (World Premiere), Jerry Mueller, arranger

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