Become an SFCA Business Sponsor

Do you run your own business? Business Sponsors jointly advertise with SFCA. Your tax-deductible business Sponsorship fee can underwrite specific activities such as concert publicity, commissioning of new works or the salary of an individual singer. For more information, contact sponsors@sfca.org.

Sponsor Benefits

  • Listing as a Sponsor in a joint advertisement with SFCA, in a regional newspaper, radio or TV station, or other mutually agreed upon venue.
  • Promotion of your name or business on the SFCA website. Your SFCA web page can include a small picture or other graphic, a business message, contact information, and/or simply link to your own website.
  • Listing in the SFCA season brochure for full season Sponsors.
  • Display of your business card, discount coupons or other advertising material at the SFCA concert box office. (Maximum size 4 x 6 inches.)
  • Exclusivity within your chosen SFCA venue(s), i.e., SFCA will not accept two real estate agents or two banks or two financial planners within a venue.

Sponsor Types

  • Bay Area Premier Sponsor: Sponsorship in all three SFCA venues for 12 months.
  • Venue Sponsor: Sponsorship in one or two venues, for 1-3 concerts.

Sponsorship Options

  • Venues: One, two or all three Bay Area venues
  • Term: Full season, or one or two subscription concerts
  • A sponsor may be multiple entities acting as a single SFCA sponsor, e.g., three Starbucks outlets.



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