Wild Card Program

The Wild Card Program includes Wild Card Commissions and Collaborations to support and showcase more composers whom SFCA admires.

Wild Card Commissions

In its 2016-2017 inaugural season, Wild Card Commissions gives audiences world premieres from two very diverse composers.

Robin Estrada

Robin Estrada

Robin Estrada ranks among the bold and innovative talents in composition today. His works meld western forms with Southeast Asian musical styles that accentuate the finesse and fire of the region’s cultural diversity, evoking a unique sound that brings Asia to the world of contemporary art music. He was 2008 Composer-in-Residence for SFCA—which has premiered 4 of his works, won the 2015 Hoefer Prize from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and is a Quimson Fellow of the Asian Cultural Council and a scholarship awardee of the Philippine National Commission for Culture. His works have been performed by Volti, the International Orange Choral, Empyrean Ensemble, Del Sol String Quartet, Ateneo Chamber Singers, Australian Chamber Choir, and others. He received his Ph.D. at University of California-Berkeley, and studied at SF Conservatory of Music and the University of the Philippines.

Composer Veronika Krausas

Veronika Krausas

Composer Veronika Krausas has had her works performed internationally. The Globe & Mail (Toronto) writes that "her works, whose organic, lyrical sense of storytelling are supported by a rigid formal elegance, give her audiences a sense that nature's frozen objects are springing to life." Mark Swed of the Los Angeles Times said of her chamber opera “Something novel this way comes.”  SFCA commissioned Krausas' language of the birds for its major collaboration with The Alexander String Quartet  in 2010-11, and is delighted to once again be partnering with her in a new work.  Krausas is an Assistant Professor in the Composition Department and the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Theory at the Thornton School of Music, on the advisory council of Jacaranda Music, an associate artist with The Industry, a lecturer at the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and an artist with Catalysis Projects.

Visit Veronika Krausas's web site

Wild Card Collaborations

Periodically, SFCA undertakes a unique, major, multi-year artistic collaboration to commission and present new music by composers it admires.


Lilith, the Night Demon, a folk opera
by composer and librettist Joshua Horowitz,
presented in collaboration with the Veretski Pass trio.
* 9 World Premiere works for choir+instrumental trio
* 3 live concerts


With Strings Attached, in collaboration with
The Alexander String Quartet. SFCA-commissioned
new works for chamber choir+string quartet:
* 8 World Premieres by Paul Chihara, Michael Gandolfi, Veronika Krausas
* 4 Brahms Quartets transcribed for choir+quartet by Zakarias Grafilo
* 3 live concerts
* A full length recording released in 2012